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About Me

 Hi I'm Zoe!


I started playing lacrosse in my first year at uni - I went along to the taster training session and I was hooked from the beginning. I've played for both Chichester and Portsmouth universities and Southampton Ladies since and loved every muddy second. I didn't start stringing until a few years later, when I had the factory stringing in my own stick restrung. The difference was so noticeable that I had to know more about it! That curiosity lead to long sessions watching stringing youtube videos, equipment reviews and learning about sticks and pocket types before I decided I needed to try it myself. And now here we are!

Zoes Strings originated as an Instagram account I started in 2019 after stringing for some of my teammates. Since then it's grown into more than just a lockdown project! I offer a highly personalised stringing service - I'll sit down with you to talk about what materials will work for you and your head, as well as what will look best!

Take a look around, check out my Latest News page for offers, and get in touch if I can help with anything!


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Stringing Options

There are several different pocket styles I offer, with each pocket having different benefits, get in touch to find out what would be right for you and your head!

 I currently string at cost, only charging for materials and postage. 

Full Mesh

Corner Pocket

Mesh Runner


Trad Pocket




These are my latest reviews, if you'd like to see more or even leave one yourself, please head over to either my Facebook page, or take a look at the review highlight on my Instagram account!

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