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Crux 100 x TMD force mesh corsets for sale!

This limited run of 4 custom STX Crux 100s strung with The Mesh Dynasty force mesh corset pockets are for sale at £75 each, complete with handle.

Despite being on the lower end of the market price wise, the Crux 100 is a really solid head, with the right stringing. Paired with the softness of force mesh, the shape and angle of the head allows for a deep pocket for catching and cradling, whilst adding power on passes and shots. It also looks pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

These would be perfect for a novice player looking to graduate from club sticks to one of their own or a seasoned player looking for great hold and power without the £250 price point of the Crux Pro.

There's only 4 available, one each in pink, purple, blue, and green - drop me an email or a message on my socials to purchase.


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